Group Benefits

One effective strategy to attract and keep talents in your organization is providing competitive group benefits plans to employees. Weather your organization is a two-people operation or has a team of 100 employees, we are committed to find the best solution.

Components of a traditional group benefits

Most group benefits include at least three of the following components:
  • Short term disability insurance (also known as short term indemnity).
  • Critical illness protection

Samples Group Benefits Plan

How to set up a group benefits plan for your company
  1. Based on the particular needs and objectives of your organization we propose a plan design and tender the request for quotation to various insurance carriers.
  2. We prepare a marketing survey outlining the differences among vendor's proposals and make recommendations for your evaluation.
  3. You decide the option/carrier of your preference.
  4. We coordinate with the insurance carrier to have your group insurance up and running on the first day of the month following your decision.
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