Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability coverage (LTD) is an insurance policy that will pay a benefit amount to the insured in the event he/she is not able to work. The benefit amount is paid every month until the insured is able to work or the benefit period expires. The amount of benefit is a percentage of the insured's gross earnings.

Each LTD policy is different. You need to know:
  • Will the insurance pay the same benefit amount if the disability was due to accident OR sickness?
  • Will the policy pay the benefit amount if I became disabled while I was working OR while I was enjoin my vacation?
  • If due to disability I cannot perform the duties of my regular job, am I going to be forced to learn another occupation an return to work or would I be considered disabled until I can work in my regular occupation?
  • If I am not totally disabled, can I claim a portion of the benefit amount?
  • If I am disabled for a number of years, would the LTD benefit amount increase to adjust for the increase in the cost of living?
  • If I paid my premiums every year and I never presented a claim, would I get my premiums back?

"The devil is in the details". We will be happy to review your policy and answer the questions above in simple terms. We offer 30 minutes no-obligation free consultations.

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